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Module 3

The Biospirals Method Training School is a division of The Tai Chi Research Centre and aims to offer those with a passion for internal arts the possibility to study in depth the research carried out by Master Franco Mescola – creator of The Biospirals Method – focussing on how to reach a level of harmony between the visible and invisible systems and structures of the body. Thus, promoting wellbeing and longevity.

Biospirals-Method-Full-Training-Programme-2016-18-001The Biospirals Method Training School is accessible to all those who practice Tai Chi/Chi Kung or other psychophysical disciplines Alongside this in-depth 2 year course the School also runs workshops and regular classes.

This 2-year course is delivered by teachers certified by The Biospirals Method training school in Venice, who trained directly with Master Mescola and accompanied him through his years of research. It is suitable for those who are interested in teaching the Biospirals Method; as well as those who simply wish to explore and develop their own practice.

Gillian Reid

VENUE:Hascombe Village Hall, Mare Lane, Hascombe, Surrey GU8 4JH

For information and enrolment:

Debbie Heaney – Cell +44 07810 703 960


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