The Biospirals® Method is the result of long, patient work which began in 1984, Venice/Italy, by Master Franco Mescola, founder of Il Centro Ricerche Tai Chi (the Taiji Research Centre) and creator of the Method.

The Biospirals® Method is the result of long, patient work which began in 1984, Venice/Italy, by Master Franco Mescola, founder of Il Centro Ricerche Tai Chi (the Taiji Research Centre) and creator of the Method. Franco Mescola began studying external martial arts in the 1960s with Master Luciano Padoan and Murakami.

Subsequently, he was instructed by Master Hiroshi Shirai, and Master Chang Dsu Yao to whom he became a disciple. In 1985, with the permission of Master Chang Dsu Yao, he formed the Taiji Research Centre where he directed and taught the instructor training programme. He travelled extensively to study further in Africa and Asia, practicing with great masters. The study of Qigong led him to experiment, and in doing so he created The Biospirals® Method, for which he formed a training school and published the book “Il Metodo Biospirali ®– I principi e la pratica del Tai Chi e del Chi Kung delle spirali”.

Master Franco Mescola has achieved the rare feat of being able to combine an understanding of the teachings of ancient masters with the ever-growing modern scientific understanding of energy, and presents the theory in accessible, easy-to-understand terms.

The Taiji Research Centre was established in Venice in 1993 by Master Franco Mescola to further his exploration of Taijiquan and Qigong. Through in-depth research which harmonises these thousand-year-old traditions with the exciting developments in Western science, the Metodo Biospirali® was born.

The Method comprises a series of meditations, breathing exercises and sequences based on the spiralling movements of energy in nature. The practice strengthens our vital energy thus bringing the mind and body into a state of natural harmony; promoting well-being and longevity.

Since the mid-’90s, Metodo Biospirali® has gradually been introduced to the UK. In 2014, on Master Mescola’s passing, he handed down a legacy of life-enhancing tools which the Metodo Biospirali® School, under the umbrella of the Taiji Research Center Italy, continues to develop and share today.

In 2016, Master Mescola’s direct student Gillian Reid expanded the practice in Europe with numerous seminars and, together with her UK student Debbie Heaney, formed the Metodo Biospirali® Training School UK. The school offers instructor training and certification for current students, as well as masterclasses for advanced levels. 

In 2018, Debbie Heaney, Celia Mendizabal and Caroline Williams became the first certified UK instructors of Metodo Biospirali® Qigong, accredited by the Centro Ricerche Tai Chi (Italy) and The Biospirali® School UK. Together they have now founded Biospirals Qigong UK, offering a variety of classes, workshops and events. All three are registered and insured through the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Gillian Reid continues to visit the UK on a regular basis to offer workshops, masterclasses, and carry out certification.

Biospirali® Method Chi Kung UK Teacher Training School

The Biospirali® Method Chi Kung Training School is located within the Tai Chi Research Center and aims to offer internal art enthusiasts in-depth study of the research work carried out by Maester Franco Mescola, creator of the Biospirali® Method – whose purpose is to provide indications for achieving a degree of harmonization between the body’s various visible and invisible systems and structures. To live better and longer.

Training is led by fully certified Biospirals Qigong Instructors and examination carried out by fully certified Senior instructors who have followed Master Mescola along his path. Admittance to the training school is evaluated by the directing board and is open to all those who practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung or other psychophysical disciplines. On completion of each module, participants will be qualified to teach after passing examination.

 The school will then hold a biennial Masterclass with the duration of two 6-hour workshops, one in which the topics covered during initial training will be dealt with in more detail.

To maintain teacher certification and to be able to open courses under the Biospirali® logo, it is necessary to update each year through the attendance of a Masterclass or at least one retreat organized by the school such as ” Being an Instructor” or Aquavenice.