Biospirali® Method Chi Kung Teacher Training School

The Biospirali® Method Chi Kung Training School is located within the Tai Chi Research Center and aims to offer internal art enthusiasts in-depth study of the research work carried out by Maester Franco Mescola, creator of the Biospirali® Method – whose purpose is to provide indications for achieving a degree of harmonization between the body’s various visible and invisible systems and structures. To live better and longer.

Training is led by certified Senior Instructors who have followed Master Mescola along his path. Admittance to the training school is evaluated by the directing board and is open to all those who practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung or other psychophysical disciplines. On completion of the 3rd module, participants will be qualified to teach after passing examination. The school will then hold a biennial Masterclass with the duration of two 6-hour workshops, one in which the topics covered during initial training will be dealt with in more detail.

To maintain teacher certification and to be able to open courses under the Biospirali® logo, it is necessary to update each year through the attendance of a Masterclass or at least one retreat organized by the school such as ” Being an Instructor” or Aquavenice.