Biospirali® Method

The Biospirali® Method is the result of long, patient work which begun in 1984 by Master Franco Mescola. It is based on information, surveys, ideas and concepts belonging to the classical scientific world and other fields of human knowledge concerning physics, human physiology and the relationship with the psychic and spirit. Particular consideration was given to the approach taken concerning the use of vital energy, handed down by oriental masters of the past. It must be said that the method, although supported by a solid basic theory, is essentially experiential. It belongs to the discipline of Chi Kung and its purpose is the promotion of life.

The method consists of a series of body movements and is organized in three sequences of increasing difficulty, plus a fourth sequence for advanced practitioners. The exercises must be performed paying particular attention to the internal energy flow that sustains and animates the body, in preference to physical, muscular strength. The constant practice of the Biospirali® Method allows access to increasingly higher levels of integration, harmonizing the systems and structures that make up the body.

The benefits of this work are particularly evident in the bone structure, joints, the muscle-tendon systems, the fascial-connective system and, above all, the energy system. Constance and regularity are the essential characteristics to achieve higher goals, such as a harmonious physical, mental and emotional balance or spiritual experiences. The slow repetition of gestures induces a state of deep calm that, whilst excluding the central nervous system, allows the mind and body to free itself from the negative effects generated by an excessive accumulation of tension.

The Biospirali® Method makes use of shapes, therefore proposing the achievement of an ideal state of equilibrium by using sequences in movement and appropriate breathing techniques that are based on images and spiraling paths.

Forma delle Biospirali - Disegno originale di Franco Mescola