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Ideogramma cinese "Albero"

The CRT tree

The community of Tai Chi is like a big forest of old and young trees.
Sinks its roots into the earth of Oriental tradition under the sky of Tao. The roots of the trees intertwine in the earth as do their branches in the sky. These trees are the families which founded the various styles of Tai Chi together with the secret societies and many schools.
In the roots of our tree are the origins with the Masters who built the foundations, in the trunk, the school, in the branches, what we teach,
in the leaves the courses, workshops and collaborations. In the flowers the Wu-LI (our magazine), Aquavenice and the Memorial, the fruits are our Masters, Teachers, Instructors and Students.
Once ripe, these fruits will fall to the ground scattering seeds that birds and other animals will carry away to allow new plants to sprout.
What remains will transform, nourish the roots and return to the origin.


Corso Istruttori CRT 2023/2024 Sessione di esami Giugno 2024

Domenica 2 giugno si sono svolti gli esami per Istruttori di primo livello, secondo livello ed Insegnanti. Ci complimentiamo per il buon risultato raggiunto da tutti, indipendentemente dall'esito degli esami, in [...]

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